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Logick provides an extensive range of printing services to clients in New Zealand. We’ve built a reputation and gained prestigious awards for the high finish and attention to detail of our work. Logick has always been willing to explore new ground with our customers, developing traditional and state-of-the-art techniques, and exploring the most advanced eco-friendly print methods on behalf of the industry.

We strive for excellence in everything we do, and believe that our valued clients seek us out for our groundbreaking approach. 

A history in craftsmanship

Founded in 2002, Logick prides itself on being an award-winning print house and industry innovator. 

Logick offers a wide range of print services, including offset and digital, packaging and premium foiling. We also have a history of collaboration with ink, foil and paper suppliers to research and develop new environmentally friendly techniques for New Zealand print applications. We believe print is a relevant and exciting contemporary medium. Through constant exploration, we refine both traditional and modern techniques to achieve outstanding finish and detail. 

The secret to our excellent client relationships is communication, innovation and craftsmanship. Open communication goes a long way towards eradicating bad print industry habits. To this end, our team listens carefully, responds quickly, and always seeks the best way forward. 

With a reputation for enjoying a challenge and a willingness to break new ground with designers, industry leaders and paper companies, we work closely with clients to find the best solution for each project. 

Awards & Recognition

Pride in our work and a willingness to break new ground, has led to many of our projects taking out top print awards. Leading design clients seek us out because of our commitment to an award-winning level of finish every time.

  • Manuka Health Pinnacle Harvest Packaging

  • Hamilton Legal Stationery

  • Logick Photo Book

  • BeeNZ Limited Edition Manuka Honey Packaging

    Pride in Print Supreme Award

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  • Ka Noa Limited Edition Manuka Honey Packaging

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  • Logick Print Stationery

    ​Special Recognition Award for Self Promotion within the Print Industry, and Gold Award Winner

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  • B&F DCP Queen Promotion

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  • B&F Papers Black Obviously 2019 Calendar Promotion

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  • Tisane Tea Packaging

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  • B&F Papers Rives Record Sleeve Promotion

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A wealth of experience

Our people have a long history of printing experience and expertise. With a work culture of continual learning, Logick's own apprentice system exceeds industry standards. We have produced a stable of award-winning apprentices who keep classic print processes and boundary pushing skills alive in the industry. Our team is fluent in a wide range of print techniques and machines. Everyone learns all facets of the printing industry from the ground up, learning to avoid mistakes rather than having to learn from them.

With honesty, pride and dedication to craftsmanship ingrained in our work culture, we find that working closely with our clients shows itself in excellent results. Often designers know the Logick staff producing their projects and will work with them on the machines to achieve the finer details. 

  • Professionalism

    Our staff build strong relationships with clients, based on honesty and open communication.
  • Craftsmanship

    Continually learning, we approach both traditional and modern techniques with the same dedication to craft.
  • Attention to detail

    Every project we touch receives the utmost attention to detail, as we strive to produce exceptional results.

    We guide and nurture our apprentices, and help keep print techniques alive through professional knowledge.

The choicest print services

We offer a broad range of print services and specialist expertise. From stationery to publications, offset to digital printing, specialty foiling and high end packaging, our people have in-depth experience across many disciplines.

  • Foiling

    Specialising in foiling, we have a wide range of experience and expertise.

    • ​Hot foil specialisation
    • Metallic foils
    • Pigment foils
    • Laser compatible foils
    • Holographic foils
    • Textured foil techniques
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  • Embossing & debossing

    Closely related to our expertise in foiling, we are able offer detailed finishes.

    • ​Single dimension
    • Multilayer
    • Three dimensional
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  • Diecutting

    We cater to broad range of diecutting needs from labels to specialty material.

    • ​Creasing
    • Perforation
    • Micro-perforation
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  • Offset Printing

    Our presses handle a variety of process printing to a high end standard.

    • ​Four colour process
    • Pantone inks
    • Fluorescent inks
    • Overprint foils
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  • Digital Printing

    A highly flexible form of printing offering a variety of approaches and customisation.

    • ​Personalisation
    • Short run
    • Diverse paper stocks
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